Account Holder: Christian Congregation in the UK | Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 20-49-86 | Account Number: 83020665

Circular No.8

London, 04 August 2020

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God!

The Ministry in conjunction with the Administration would like to thank the Brethren for the effort that the congregation has put into aiding others and participating in the collections.  Taking into account the difficulties due to the current pandemic, we see that God has truly worked on behalf of His people.

We know that the Lord has always heard the cries of those in need, and the Work of Piety, under the guidance of the God, has attended to those very needs, and will continue to do so.

As such, the administration has made the CCUK bank account details available on our website (, so that donations can continue to be made.  All donations and offerings should be made according to God’s guidance, remaining true to our traditions of voluntary and anonymous donations, via deposit or bank transfers. We feel that it is important to clarify to the brethren that this option for donating to the collections will be available until the Holy Services are held again.

In order to avoid fraud, it is recommended that the brethren use only the bank details that have been published on the CCUK’s website, rather than information that they may have received via text message or other electronic means.  

It is also recommended that the brethren follow the guidance and recommendations provided by the UK Government to prevent and to contain this pandemic in our country.

Please note that as further information becomes available, additional decisions may have to be made concerning this current situation, so we ask that the brethren also continue to regularly check the CCUK website for updates.

Greetings with the Peace of God,
The Elders

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