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From 1st July 2024 onwards there will be a new bank account.

Memorandum No 01/2024

To the Brethren

Oxford, 20 January 2024 

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God. Amen.


Currently, the Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom offers two methods for contributing to our collections.  Those who feel to give currently can give either via cash offerings in the collection boxes at our houses of prayer, or alternatively, they can make an online bank transfer.

In an effort to give the brethren additional options for contributing to the collections, and to improve our administrative procedures and efficiency, the Ministry and Administration will be implementing debit card machines in the houses of prayers. Please note that all offers made using debit cards will be entirely anonymous, as is our custom.

All of the other funding methods will continue to be available, including cash offerings in collection boxes and bank transfers. We encourage those who are already using bank transfers to continue to do so.

Due to factory settings, the card machines provide predetermined offering values that, unfortunately, we cannot change. As such, these pre-configured options are not obligatory, but rather a system setting within the software, which we cannot alter. There is an option to make an offering of a customized value that the brother or sister decides upon, thus respecting the wishes of each individual when contributing to collections.

We will initially implement the card machines in a few select locations and gradually roll this out to other houses of prayer in the near future.

Your brothers in Christ,

The Council of Elders in the United Kingdom and Administrative Committee

Memorandum No 05/2022

To the Ministry and Brethren

London, July 18, 2022

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God. Amen.

The Ministry and the Administration of the Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom, in communion with the Council of the Senior Elders and Deacons of the Christian Congregation in Brazil, in reference to the Sole Collection as discussed in circular n.111.2021 of the CCB, has resolved to continue with the collections and offerings in one singular collection for the Work of Piety, Constructions and General, first attending to the Work of Piety and then the necessities of the Administration.

It is important to note that we will continue to participate in the European Collection, which will be accounted for separately given its ultimate destination.

The use of and division of the collection will be determined, in communion, by the Elders, Deacons and the Administration.

Your brothers in Christ,
The Ministry and Administration of the CCUK

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