The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION is a religious community founded entirely on the apostolic doctrine and Faith found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION has its origins in a small group of Italian evangelicals who, in 1907 in the city of Chicago in the United States of America, began to meet in their homes, seeking Divine guidance on how to follow the teachings of the Bible, within the simplicity of the apostolic Faith.

Without any sort of advertising, means of communication or denominational affiliation, the group grew considerably as people felt compelled by God to join them. Around the same time, other groups filled with the same feelings and understanding of the Word of God were also formed in different countries.

As the number of people professing the same faith and doctrine grew, it became apparent that there was a need to have established locations for these worship services.  As such, it was necessary to create a legal entity to formalise these meetings and own these properties. The organisation created was called “CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION”, simply defined as a gathering of people upholding the same Christian values, without any formality or individuality.

All income of the CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION must derive from voluntary and anonymous offerings from its participants, and those values ​​.  Such offerings are considered free will offerings and will not create any obligations to or grant any individual any rights.

All those who are a part of the Ministry or hold an administrative position must independently provide for themselves, as any type of remuneration for the exercise of these roles or for the provision of spiritual services or sacraments is prohibited.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION has no ties with any political parties or ideologies and those that compose the Ministry body or hold administrative positions must refrain from accepting political positions or appointments, as the maintaining of concurrent responsibilities in both environments would be irreconcilable (political positions or appointment and spiritual or administrative role in the church). However, all members of the church are advised to fulfil their civic duties, including exercising their right to vote, according to the laws of the country in which they reside.

Using the name of the CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION for political, electoral, or ideological purposes is forbidden.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION does not keep any polemics about its points of doctrine or its organisational format, nor does it authorise anyone to do so in its name.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION does not publicise its doctrine, nor does it use any means of communication to disseminate its principles of faith with the wider public. Those who are interested to understand its doctrine should and are welcome to join its worship services in any of its churches.


All financial information including Annual Returns can be found online on the Charity Commission’s Website. 

Head Office

Sandford Gate East Point Business Centre – Sandy Lane West, Office 37, Oxford OX4 6LB

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