Memorandun No 01/2023

To the Brethren

Oxford, 19 August 2023 

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God. Amen.  


The Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom (CCUK), in an effort to preserve the identity and image of those who attend the houses of prayer, as well as to ensure the safeguarding of children, informs the brethren that the CCUK does not authorize the filming and/or photography of worship services and/or special events, nor the publication and dissemination of these films or images on any social network or website.

We therefore request the cooperation of the beloved brethren, and particularly the parents, to not film your children in worship services, at the Children and Young People’s meetings, and the Musical Teaching Group (GEM), so as not to expose other children, as there is no express authorization for this, and thus avoiding any legal penalties that you could incur.

We inform the brethren that signs will be posted at the entrance of the houses of prayer, indicating the aforementioned prohibitions

Your brothers in Christ,

The Council of Elders in the United Kingdom and Administrative Committee  

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