Memorandum No 04/2022

Elders, Deacons, Cooperators, Cooperators for the Youth, Regional Conductors, Local Conductors, Administration and Collaborators

Oxford, March 12, 2022

Dear Brothers, The Peace of God. Amen.

The use of Beards and Goatees

We advise our brothers, including their sons, that it goes against our principles to present oneself with a beard, goatee, or an exotic hairstyle. As for those who are newly called into the grace, we will wait upon the Lord to complete this work.

We reiterate the incongruity of these customs with the expected discipline and conduct of our brethren.

The Ministry disapproves of these customs.

As for brothers who are musicians and those that hold any voluntary position or Ministry within the CCUK, if they present themselves in the manner cited above, they will be advised of the need to conform with our teachings, and if they persist in maintaining these customs, they should resign their volunteer position or Ministry, as this is the discipline required within the Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom.

Your brothers in Christ, The Council of Elders in the United Kingdom and The Elders Responsible for Music

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