Memorandum No 02/2023

To the Bethren

Oxford, 09 December 2023

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God. Amen.  


The Ministry and Administration would like to make the brethren aware of the fact that the supplies available for sale in our Book Stores are acquired from the Central Distributor of the Christian Congregation in Brazil.  As such, this material is imported by the Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom at a cost.

Therefore, we ask our dear brethren to avoid acquiring Book Store supplies for the purpose of gifting it to friends/family members who reside outside the United Kingdom, as they can order the same material in their local congregations, especially those residing in Brazil.

The supplies of the Book Stores are specifically procured to meet the needs of the brethren in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, we have noticed many hymn books being loaned to the brethren and children during the Holy Services, which in some cases has left us without sufficient hymn books for those who are visiting us or those that have received the testimony, precluding them from fully participating in the Holy Service. 

We strongly request that our brethren avoid borrowing hymn books, to guarantee that we will have sufficient material to lend to our visitors and those who have received the testimony.  Additionally, parents should acquire hymn books, bibles, and veils for their children, and teach their children by setting a good example of how to use and care for these holy things and the tools that we have been given as Christians.

Your brothers in Christ,

The Council of Elders in the United Kingdom and Administrative Committee  

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