Worship Service with Counsels for Youth and Married Couples

Circular No.6

London, Monday, 15 June 2020

Dear Brethren, The Peace of God!

By deliberation of the Council of the Ministry, Saturday, 20/06/2020, at 7:00pm there will be a Worship Service with Counsels for Youth and Married Couples online.

The meeting link will be announced closer to the time of this Holy Service. Please note, the access for this Service is limited to Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as God has already prepared Worship Services with Counsels for other countries as well. Therefore, we kindly request the brethren refrain from disclosing the link to those residing outside of the countries mentioned above.

Finally, it is recommended that the Brethren treat this with the same reverence as we would any Holy Service in which we worship our God. We should prepare ourselves in the same way we would for a Worship Service, clothing ourselves in a similar manner, with the Sisters wearing their veils, finding a quiet environment to be able to participate in the Holy Service, praying privately and being in communion prior to the beginning of the Holy Service. It is also recommended that we refrain from inviting others to our homes to participate in the Holy Service, as we should continue to follow all laws and guidelines that have been given to us by the health authorities and our respective governments.

The Elders and Executive Committee UK

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