The government in the United Kingdom has recently changed the guidance regarding the restrictions and limitations on socialisation that were put in place due to COVID-19.

We thank God that with these changes, we returned to congregating in the way we had become accustomed prior to the pandemic, albeit incorporating suggestions and additional guidance that the government has provided to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, under the guidance of God, the Council of the Senior Elders of the Christian Congregation recommends that we act with prudence and continue to maintain certain precautions that we have put into place to limit the spread of this virus within the Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom. We must also be aware that we must continue to follow the guidance and or restrictions that have been imposed by any of the local halls that we hire.

As such:

  • We will maintain the check-in procedures including checking temperatures and hand sanitization upon entry into the halls, we will continue to sanitize the halls prior to and after the Holy Services, and we will implement the NHS QR code at every Hall ,should the need arise to inform the brethren.
  • We will continue to recommend the use of masks, and we will continue to refrain from greetings, including handshakes, hugs, and the holy kiss prior to, during and after the Holy Services.
  • The brethren should be prudent and continue to bring their own bibles, hymnbooks, and veils to avoid having to borrow the same.
  • If a hall does not require a limitation on the number of participants in the Holy Services, then the brethren will be free to congregate when they want
  • For security and safety reasons, we will temporarily be suspending any refreshments served in conjunction with the music rehearsals.

As new facts arise and the situation changes, new deliberations may take place, and the brethren should check the CCUK website for the latest updates.

Click here for the latest Government update on COVID-19

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