To the Brethren

London, March 12, 2022

Dear Brethren,  The Peace of God. Amen.

As the brethren are aware, the governments of England and Wales have recently removed the restrictions and limitations on socialising that were put in place due COVID-19.

Therefore, we will discontinue the measures that were implemented to protect against the spread of COVID-19 in the houses of prayer in England and Wales and we will no longer measure your temperature in order to enter the house of prayer.

The use of a masks will be at your own personal discretion.

Regarding the greeting with a holy kiss, we advise the brethren to be respectful of those who are not yet prepared to greet one another with a handshake or holy kiss.

Finally, we will continue to provide you with hand sanitiser at the entrance of the houses of prayer.

God bless our dear brethren,


The Elders and Administrative Committee

Click here for the latest Government update on COVID-19

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