In 1907, a small group of Italian evangelicals were brought together in Chicago by the work of the Holy Spirit. Many signs, wonders and conversions followed, encouraging pioneers like L. Francescon, P. Ottolini, G. Lombardi, Lucia Menna, L. Terragnoli, U.Garrazzi, G. Perrou and many others, to evangelise among the Italian community across the United States and also abroad in Italy, Panama, Argentina and Brazil. Consequently, many churches were founded in those places for the testimony of the Lord’s Gospel.

Throughout the years, decreasing immigration rates and high levels of assimilation among the Italian brethren led to many changes in congregations and facilitated opportunity for spreading the gospel to others. Today, the Christian Congregation is a multi-ethnic body, committed to the preaching and practice of Biblical Christianity and to sharing the same hope and communion with churches of like doctrine in many countries across the world.

In the United Kingdom, the church has existed since 1993, and for the next three years, members would gather in private houses holding occasional meetings. The first official worship service took place in 1998, in Catford, London. The church has now grown since its inception and, at present, there is at least one place of worship in several different British towns and cities.

In order to keep fellowship and maintain an orderly progress, we follow the 12 Points of Doctrine, compiled at a convention of various congregations held in Niagara Falls, in USA, in April 1972.

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